N2P 018: Listener Updates, Mexican Birthday Parties, and Stupid Internet Questions

We start off with Tello criticising Lourdes’ curtains, but we soon segue into some fan updates. We finally get some positive feedback from Number Two’s children. Number Two prepares for her first non-Mexican birthday party, and we talk about some of the difference to expect from a Mexican birthday party and a non-Mexican birthday party. We briefly talk about the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, and we both conclude that we don’t know how to solve the gun problem in America. Lourdes has a great idea of how to implement background checks into other parts of life, and we finally get our arch-nemesis, Martha, on the phone to discuss her scathing criticism of the show. Her phone interview almost ruins the entire show. Let me apologize now for her terrible stories and horrible voice. Lourdes’ sister Lupe stops by to visit the show, and we discuss some stupid questions that people have asked the Internet.

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