N2P 019: Lunch Budgets, Kids, and GEDs

  • Tello has gone over budget on his lunch spending this week, and one place in particular upset him with what they offered.
  • Number Two Cuz reluctantly gets her nails done, but one of her daughters offers to pay. Lourdes decides to splurge, but she has a surprise waiting when she’s done.
  • Lourdes goes to her niece’s birthday party where some of the family elders decide to play a game of football against some of the teens in the family.  It doesn’t work out that well for some of the older members playing football.
  • Number Two Cuz still hasn’t watched Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Tello scolds her for it.
  • Lourdes’ niece welcomes a new member into our family, and we briefly discuss the merits of having children.
  • The show gets interrupted by Tello’s Amazon Echo
  • Lourdes and Tello get stuck in a short “Certain” loop, and then they look up the meaning of a “triple decker” sandwich. Tello goes off on another rant about the deli that upset him.
  • In facebook news, Number Two Cuz talks about “The Aspirin Trick Every Woman Should Know,” Mexican Jason, and other terrible stories.
  • Lourdes and Tello discuss the possibility of winning a fight against their parents.
  • Lourdes tells an aside about her mom and Tello’s mom from the birthday party she attended this weekend.
  • Lourdes and Tello talk about the value of education as an older person and GEDs with triple figure incomes.
  • Tello gives his opinions on the Mississippi School District’s decision to remove Harper Lee’s “To Kill A mockingbird” from their curriculum.

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