N2P 021: Halloween Memories, Password Game, and Stranger Things 2

  • Number Two Cuz gives us a quick update on her “Very Close Veins” and other leg ailments.
  • We have a brief discussion on the origin of Halloween, but as usual, we get distracted and drift off topic.
  • Lourdes and Tello talk about a few childhood Halloween memories including cake walks and bobbing for apples.
  • We talk about our Aunt Gloria’s Halloween parties, and how things have changed.
  • Lourdes drifts off topic and talks about Tello’s sister-in-law’s delicious Pho, and how much fun they had playing on the Ping Pong table that took Tello six hours to assemble.
  • Number Two brings up “Kiss Me Deadly” by Lita Ford from a previous conversation.
  • Tello prepared a special Halloween themed game of Password to play with Lourdes.
  • Tello gives his list of Halloween Horror movies. Lourdes disagrees with some of the list because she doesn’t know good horror.
  • Tello reads his mom’s review of Stranger Things 2
  • We end the show because Number Two Cuz has to take a number two

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