N2P 023: Awkward Moments, Suicidal Dogs, and Thanksgiving Thoughts

  • Number Two Cuz tells why the podcast recording was pushed back a bit.
  • Tello teases Lourdes about her son getting head trauma from playing football.
  • Lourdes tells the story of how she and her family were inspired from our last show to play Password while having a family dinner.
  • Tello tells Lourdes about another expensive lunch he had during the week, but at least this one was healthy.
  • Lourdes’ daughter, Priscilla, interrupts the show and has to pay the price by getting on the mic and putting up with Tello’s sense of humor.
  • Number Two Cuz recounts an embarrassing story where she ends up stuck at the top of her fence.
  • Lourdes tells another embarrassing story that involves the restroom and her crotch, and this reminds Tello of his own embarrassing crotch story.
  • Lourdes tells another story about how she misunderstood a request at work, and the awkward conversation it lead to.
  • Lourdes thinks her dog, Scooter Fatazz, might be trying to commit suicide.
  • Then there’s something about bushy armpit hair
  • Tello still want’s to fight Number Two Cuz’s dad.
  • Tello and Lourdes have a dispute over “Disclosure” vs  “Disclaimer.”
  • Facebook News with Lourdes
    • Inappropriate gifts
    • Kids waiting til the last minute
    • Mexican curas and ojo
    • Long, slapping toes
  • Lourdes and Tello have a moment of remembrance for two of their aunts who have passed away.
  • Tello gets confused trying to explain the math involved with his late aunt’s’ birth and death dates.
  • Lourdes still hasn’t watched “The Fantastic Mr. Fox”
  • We get a fractured history lesson from Number Two Cuz
  • Lourdes and Tello talk about Thanksgiving plans
  • Tello talks about how much he loves Thanksgiving leftovers…maybe even more than Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Tello tells awful Thanksgiving jokes
  • Lourdes takes a moment out of the jokes for a depressing Thanksgiving memory.
  • Lourdes probably has Black Friday deal
  • Tello has a brain fart trying to think of the word “commission.”

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