N2P 024: Fighting Kids, Caring for Parents, and More Thanksgiving Fun

Number Two Podcast
  • Number Two Cuz compliments Tello on the opening song.
  • Lourdes thinks she knows someone who looks like someone famous.
  • We remind everyone who put the Number Two in the Number Two Podcast.
  • Lourdes receives a phone call from her son’s school because of an altercation. Blows were exchanged, glasses were broken, and Lourdes is afraid that this will be on his permanent record.
  • Tello finds it hard to be objective about the fight because he’s been wanting to hit people lately.
  • Lourdes and Tello explore Tello’s violent feelings, and ultimately wonder if it’s just a matter of pride.
  • Number Two talks about taking care of her mother and assisting her in the restroom after she had a minor surgical procedure done. Lourdes recalls the last time she had to help her mom use the restroom after she had a cancerous tumor removed.
  • Lourdes and Tello decide they need to lead healthier lives, and plan to update each other every week.
  • Facebook news – Dumb questions:
    • Is Disney’s Aladdin a bad influence?
    • Why do surgeons wash their hands?
    • Proper condom usage…
    • How to use a credit card for Internet payments.
    • Pregnancy clues.
    • Dinosaur and unicorn sightings
    • Civil War is causing too much homework…
    • Dumb elevators…
  • We talk a little bit about Thanksgiving plans.
  • Number Two still hasn’t watched The Fantastic Mr. Fox.
  • We got a such a great response from Halloween Password that we decided to beat it into the ground with a game of Thanksgiving Password!
  • Number Two Cuz tried to be serious on an history test, but she still answers kind of funny.
  • Tello once won a free Thanksgiving turkey for filling out a survey at an apartment where he used to live. Tello made a Thanksgiving dinner with the help of a turkey hotline, and Number Two Cuz feels sad for him.

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