N2P 025: Flat Booties, Thanksgiving Recap , and Keeping Santa Real

  • Tello recounts the not so happy time when he realized that Number Two Cuz was his best friend.
  • Lourdes is concerned that she may be hormonal
  • The podcast caused some controversy during Thanksgiving dinner when Fave Cuz Phoebe was offended for being called selfish in a previous episode.
  • Lourdes is recording in her daughter’s room to cut down on interruptions, and she finds a couple of interesting items. Tello thinks Lourdes is invading her daughter’s privacy.
  • Lourdes is embarrassed by a certain part of her body, and it leads her to investigate some non-surgical solutions to the problem.
  • Lourdes and Tello talk about the success of the Thanksgiving Cakewalk and how it became a family project for Lourdes.
  • Lourdes’ mom was late for Thanksgiving, and no one ate her cooking.
  • Lourdes’ daughter cooked a couple of dishes for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • We attended another family gathering a couple of days after the holiday.
  • Kids have it way easier with piñatas than we did, and they have no killer instinct when it comes to grabbing the candy.
  • Tello wants to know how Number Two Cuz keeps Santa Claus real when there are haters who tell her kids that he isn’t real.
  • Lourdes recalls the cute letters to Santa that her kids would write.
  • Lourdes’ sister Andrea interrupts the show and sits in for a bit.
  • Andrea tells us how she dealt with Santa haters trying to ruin it for her children.
  • Tello asks Andrea how she dealt with situations when Santa couldn’t afford to bring her kids everything they asked for.
  • Andrea also tells us the morbid way she would like to deal with her bad kids around Christmas time.
  • Lourdes bought a ring toss game for Christmas fun and family feuding.
  • Lourdes and Tello talk about some of the Christmas gift planning they’ve done.
  • Tello is planning to take his niece to see Pixar’s Coco.
  • Number Two Podcast was recommended by Podcasterio as one of the Latin podcasts to check out. #SupportBrownPodcasts
  • Lourdes thought the show was all about Tello today, so Tello gave Number Two Cuz the opportunity to talk about shaving her hairy toes.


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