N2P 026: Shapewear, Coco Review, and Christmas is Coming

  • Tello laments his inability to sing or play guitar.
  • Number Two Cuz had a work retreat where she does some recollection.
  • Lourdes ran into one of Tello’s nemeses while Christmas shopping. This stirs up some old painful memories for Tello that he’d like to bring closure to by fighting this nemesis.
  • Lourdes ordered the butt underwear (rather shapewear), but did it get destroyed by the neighbor’s dog?
  • Lourdes gets interrupted while recording – AGAIN – because she refuses to use the recording light that Tello made for her.
  • Number Two Cuz made some progress watching The Fantastic Mr. Fox
  • Tello got to hang out with his niece last weekend.
  • Tello gives a heartfelt review of Pixar’s Coco.
  • Number Two Cuz and Tello discuss the importance of positive representation of Mexicans in American movies.
  • Tello talks about how underwhelming the snow was when it first started, but by the end of the night it was really snowing.
  • Lourdes talks about how she woke up her entire family in the early morning so she and her children could enjoy the first (and probably only) snow of the Texas winter.
  • Lourdes doesn’t really like the Mexican 7 that her husband drew on her car.
  • Tello gets sidetracked thinking of a fake movie called “Mexican 7”
  • Little Luis builds a snowman, but Lourdes thinks it looks like something more anatomical.
  • Lourdes and Tello are both hoping for a white Christmas.
  • Lourdes reflects on how the beauty of the snow made her feel about the current state of political and social tensions.
  • Lourdes and Tello discuss their Top 5 Christmas movies/shows. Tello might have a little more than five, and Lourdes might have fewer than five.
  • Tello recalls the horrible story told in Gremlins about a missing father who was actually stuck in a chimney.
  • Tello remembers when Lourdes’ mom yelled at her for messing up the recording of Mickey’s Christmas Carol.
  • Tello never shot his eye out with a BB gun, but he did accidentally shoot something else.
  • Lourdes shares a sad story of her nephew building a snowman for our departed aunt Gloria.
  • Lourdes cheats and adds more movies to her top 5 list.
  • Number Two Cuz reads this year’s letters to Santa from two of her kids. One asks for financial security, and another asks for lots of Dallas Cowboys gear.
  • Lourdes and her sister Lupe both have birthdays that are about a week apart. Lourdes remembers Lupe getting the birthday gifts she wanted when they were young.
  • Tello praises their parents for always providing a good Christmas for them as children.



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