N2P 029: Getting to Know Us

  • Did Number Two Cuz blow her nose into a sock?
  • Lourdes skipped out on church this morning.
  • Tello laments never meeting a quality woman at church because they were always married with children.
  • Lourdes remembers going to church after partying all night with her mom and sisters.
  • Number Two Cuz may have been a little paranoid as she and her sisters’ (The Monkeys) reputations preceded them in social situations.
  • Lourdes and Tello have excuses for not working out regularly.
  • Number Two Cuz tries to convince Tello to buy second hand workout equipment.
  • Tello has had some success with his Ketogenic diet.
  • Has Number Two Cuz been drinking parasytes again?
  • We’re getting old because Lourdes’ nephew is old enough to host the family at his house with his family.
  • Lourdes thought her sister got shot on New Year’s Eve, but it was way less deadly and way more funny.
  • Tello recalls the time he photoshopped his cousin Andrea to look bald, and her unhappy response.
  • Number Two Cuz has to take a break to take a number two.
  • Lourdes is trying a new detox. This reminds Tello of the time Lourdes tried drinking parasytes.
  • Lourdes and Tello take a quiz to let people get to know them better.
  • Number Two Cuz wonders if Texas Chainsaw Massacre really happened.
  • Tello informs Lourdes that “furtherest” is not a word.
  • Tello has fond memories of a road trip to Georgia that resulted in delicious Zunzi’s sandwiches.
  • Lourdes is afraid that people will think that one of her hobbies is stupid.
  • Tello was afraid he was going to be attacked by blackbirds in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

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