N2P 030: Clean Teeth and Speeding Tickets

  • Number Two Cuz accidentally brushed her teeth with someone else’s toothbrush
  • Tello talks about how very old he was for his first dentist appointment, and how that affected his teeth cleaning habits.
  • Tello announces that there is a video portion for Number Two Podcast available at: https://www.youtube.com/campfyre
  • Tello’s brother, Tony, gave Lourdes a hard time for her greying hair, and it troubled Lourdes.
  • Lourdes tells Tello that his niece is going by a new, random name.
  • Tello talks about how his grey hair has affected him.
  • Lourdes laments that she looked like a little boy when she was younger.
  • Number Two Cuz points out Tello’s thinning hair.
  • Lourdes had to read “Baywolf” (Beowulf) for class, but she misunderstood the assignment.
  • Tello visited some friends from high school because his friend’s oldest child is joining the US Army. While he was there, Tello allowed himself to cheat on his diet, and boy did he cheat!
  • Tello is looking forward to his 40s, but Lourdes doesn’t seem as enthusiastic.
  • Tello might have eaten 20 cookies when he visited his friends, and an uncountable number of egg rolls.
  • Tello recalls a story of when he had dinner with his friends when they were teenagers, and how many egg rolls he ate when he was first introduced to them.
  • Tello gained weight from his visit, but he weighed himself to see how much weight he lost after making a twozy.
  • On his way home, Tello got a speeding ticket in a small Texas town.
  • Number Two Cuz shares some safety tips about the flu.
  • Tello compares the flu symptoms with dance fever.
  • Lourdes mentions her “dear mother,” but Tello goes off on a tangent about Lourdes’ mother who is a deer.
  • Number Two Cuz brings the show down by telling the story of a young man who died from the flu.
  • Lourdes convinces her gullible son that the local oil refineries will cause the town to turn into zombies.
  • Lourdes had to take selfies of herself, and she noticed that her mouth looks crooked. Her mom thinks it might be related to an ailment she had when she was a child.
  • Number Two Cuz goes shopping with her mom.
  • Lourdes saved money shopping, but she was still embarrassed by the amount of items she purchased.
  • Number Two Cuz has a problem passing up on certain deals.
  • Lourdes doesn’t like scary stories because it reminds her of scary childhood memories.

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