N2P 031: The Shape of Water, Family Guests, and a Little Nostalgia

  • Number Two Cuz is still having construction done on her house, so she warns that we may hear some background noise AGAIN.
  • Lourdes talks about an online speech class that requires her to upload videos for assignments. Her assignment requires no background noise, but just like the podcast, she has to warn the class that there will be background construction noise.
  • Number Two Cuz had to use logos to describe herself for homework, and there’s one surprising logo she’ll be using for her hobbies.
  • Tello and Lourdes talk about the boiled egg smell from a local refinery near Lourdes’ college campus.
  • Number Two Cuz brings the show down with her depressing story of alcohol awareness. It’s an important message for all young people to hear.
  • Tello wants to know why Lourdes’ eyes look so dark.
  • Tello professes his love for Guillermo Del Toro and his latest film “The Shape of Water.”
  • Tello is so in awe of Guillermo Del Toro’s talent that he feels discouraged in his own abilities because he knows he will never be as good as GDT.
  • Lourdes and Tello talk about whether the Coyote ever caught The Road Runner in the old Looney Tunes cartoons.
  • Number Two Cuz had some family stay overnight, and it might have been more of an inconvenience than Lourdes expected.
  • Lourdes’ daughter interrupts the show to brush her teeth.
  • Andrea, her husband, and their children stayed the night at Lourdes’ house after Andrea imbibed some cleansing tea.
  • Number Two Cuz rushes her husband through his shower because her sister Andrea had to poop really badly.
  • Lourdes, Andrea, and their husbands are taking a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate Andrea’s 40th birthday.
  • Fave Cuz Phoebe is going to Vegas, and she’s going to be the tour guide. Phoebe likes taking people to Vegas for their first time because it makes her feel like it’s her first time too.
  • Number Two Cuz and Tello talk briefly about Madonna’s “Like A Virgin.”
  • Tello and Lourdes take an impromptu nostalgic trip back to the 80s and talk about Trapper Keepers.
  • The show is interrupted by Lourdes’ son and her oldest daughter.
  • Tello confesses to having a picture of Alyssa Milano taped to the inside of his Trapper Keeper.
  • Tello encourages Lourdes to get a Trapper Keeper for her college classes.
  • Pila interrupts the podcast again, but she learns what a Trapper Keeper is.
  • Pila teaches the show a new slang word – Shook.
  • Tello and Lourdes talk about slang words from their youth that her kids don’t know about.
  • The show continues to be interrupted as there is currently only one working restroom in Lourdes’ house since the other one is being worked on.
  • Little Luis makes a short visit.
  • Lourdes plans to check out a couple of shows in Vegas so she doesn’t spend too much on gambling.

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