N2P 032: Pizza Problems, Vegas Lemonade, and Tello’s Keto Diet Update

  • Number Two Cuz starts the show off with another warning that construction is still going on in the house, and that there will be lots of noise in the background.
  • Big Luis made lots of noise in the background at the top of the show, and Tello and Number Two Cuz think it might be passive aggressive behavior.
  • Tello has been obsessed with chiropractor videos.
  • Tello tries to reset his deviated septum that got worse from all the times he got punched in the face.
  • Lourdes and Tello discuss the real episode where Wile E. Coyote caught the Roadrunner.
  • Fave Cuz Phoebe has an obsession with earwax cleanings. Lourdes is disgusted by them, but tell can see the satisfaction of watching them.
  • Lourdes also talked about her sister’s obsession with scabs and smelling gross things.
  • Tello stops the show because “The Yard Man” is making lots of noise outside.
  • Lourdes is called to her daughter’s school because she is being threatened with suspension for having a pizza delivered to her classroom.
  • Pila joins the show to give a first hand experience of the Pizza incident.
  • It’s been difficult for Pila to share one restroom with the rest of the family.
  • Pila is annoyed that her brother doesn’t put the toilet seat down after using the restroom, but Tello explains that men constantly have to deal with the seat to make sure it’s up or down depending on peeing or pooping.
  • Lourdes got some reassurance from her Fave Sister Phoebe that she hasn’t had any strokes in her childhood.
  • Number Two Cuz had a little too much “Vegas Lemonade” even though she has publicly warned of the dangers of drinking too much.
  • Lourdes missed out on a show because she was so inebriated in Vegas.
  • Number Two Cuz was surprised at the notorious elements in Vegas.
  • Lourdes wasn’t comfortable taking photos of the Vegas dancers, but her brother-in-law had no problem filming them until his wife put a stop to it.
  • Lourdes didn’t take photos or video like she said she would.
  • Number Two Cuz didn’t go broke gambling, so she counts that as a win.
  • Lourdes visited a bar that was poker in the front and liquor in the rear.
  • Tello is grossed out by hotel rooms.
  • Number Two Cuz has a lot of weird rules about behavior, hygiene, and cleanliness.
  • Tello is germphobic and doesn’t like to eat from bowls of chips.
  • Lourdes doesn’t like heavy breathers.
  • Number Two Cuz is using charcoal toothpaste that turns her teeth black.
  • Lourdes doesn’t like dealing with her mustache.
  • Tello has a health update on his current weight loss.
  • Lourdes had a frog in her throat that interrupts the show.
  • Tello is almost halfway to his weight loss goal for the year.
  • Tello misses hamburger buns the most on his Ketogenic diet.
  • Lourdes and Tello don’t like the smell of cauliflower, but Tello has had to eat more of it since he’s been on his new diet.
  • Lourdes suggest squashes as a pasta replacement.
  • Number Two Cuz thinks Tello is starving himself when he intermittently fasts.
  • Tello makes inappropriate jokes about stretch videos.
  • Lourdes still doesn’t have any lyrics to the outgoing theme song.

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