N2P 033: Birthday Gifts and Unexpected Guests

  • Number Two Cuz starts off by complaining about working so much.
  • Tello is reminded of a scene from Dumb and Dumber and Lourdes has another favorite scene.
  • Lourdes has some technical difficulties that Tello requests she fix.
  • Number Two Cuz still loves her butterfly clips.
  • Tello is amazed that Lourdes has stuck around for 33 episodes.
  • Lourdes is supporting the show by buying some of our new Number Two Podcast T-shirts.
  • Tello thinks his design is ugly, but he still hopes people will support the show by buying these shirts.
  • Number Two Cuz critiques the design and points out that Tello doesn’t have a nose in the image.
  • We got an Instagram shout out from From The Bronx With Love podcast.
  • Number Two Cuz got a review from Fave Cuz Phoebe, but she can’t remember what the review was.
  • Lourdes had trouble finding her husband a birthday gift.
  • Number Two Cuz considered buying some kiosk earrings from the mall, but the first pair were too cheap for her husband’s taste.
  • The second pair of earrings Lourdes saw were 100 times as expensive.
  • Lourdes found a third pair within her budget, but they were so small that she was afraid they would fall through his ears.
  • Number Two Cuz didn’t buy a gift for her husband’s birthday.
  • Lourdes planned the worst most obvious “Surprise,” for Luis’ birthday.
  • Number Two Cuz has problems trying to wink.
  • Tello had an unexpected guest that his roommate brought to the house, and there is a lot of luggage that comes with her.
  • The “guest” was a young, dumb teenage stripper who thought she knew how the world works, but clearly has no idea.
  • Number Two Cuz talks about why she could not have been a stripper in her younger days.
  • Tello tried to take some time to offer this young girl some good advice, but she was too concerned with how a photo of her looked.
  • Tello’s roommate was beginning to regret her decision to help this girl on the third or fourth night of the extended stay.
  • After Tello’s tale of horror dealing with the unwanted houseguest, a train whistle on Lourdes’ side interrupts the show.
  • Tello unleashes a slew of sound effects to answer the train sound.
  • Tello talks about how he “considered” stripping during his college years to make extra money.
  • Tello had to replace his comb because he found unknown blond hair in it.
  • Number Two Cuz has a friend who might be moving too fast in the dating scene.
  • Lourdes thinks she may have ruined this friend’s Valentine by giving her some unwanted advice.
  • Tello decided not to send flowers to his crush for Valentine’s Day because he was afraid it might come off as creepy.
  • Tello asks the listeners to send their horror houseguest stories.

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