N2P 036: One Year Podcast-iversary

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  • The show is immediately disrupted when Lourdes’ daughter tries to sneak across the room to get to the bathroom.
  • Almost immediately after the first interruption, the show is interrupted by a train whistle on Lourdes’ side of the conversation.
  • Tello plays a funny phone call that he recorded with his Aunt Mary (Lourdes’ mom).
  • Lourdes and Tello talk about Lourdes’ pronunciation of a certain word, and try and figure out where that accent comes from.
  • Number Two Cuz talks about her trip to Mexico, and why Num Two Pod couldn’t record last week.
  • Lourdes still hasn’t seen Coco.
  • Number Two Cuz is surprised and freaked out to see what great health and spirits her mother-in-law was in when she visited her in Mexico.
  • Tello accuses Lourdes of being disappointed that her mother-in-law didn’t look more sickly when she saw her.
  • Lourdes was suffering from PMS on the trip, and Tello explained that Lourdes suffers from PMS two weeks before and two weeks after her cycle.
  • Number Two Cuz asked a woman to quit tagging her husband in facebook photos. Now she has awkward encounters with this woman. Tello asks more about this woman and finds out she’s a GILF.
  • Tello makes some jokes about spending time with the GILF.
  • Lourdes is experiencing passive aggressive behavior from a coworker who has been bringing donuts for everyone in the office except Lourdes.
  • Tello talks about his fantasy to be a more aggressive than passive aggressive person.
  • Despite her hurt and angry feelings, Lourdes didn’t do anything about the behavior she was experiencing.
  • Tello suggested that Number Two Cuz buy some Mexican pastries to share with the office, including the passive aggressive woman as an olive branch of peace.
  • Little Luis was sick this week, and woke up vomiting. The doctor initially thought he had a twisted nut, but that was not the case.
  • Tello recounts the time he and some friends formed a fake band called “Twisted Nut.”
  • Little Luis had to have his private parts examined by the doctor. Lourdes left to grab some coffee, but when she returned, Luis had thrown up again. Luckily for Number Two Cuz, the nurse had cleaned it up.
  • Lourdes considered not getting her son’s medicine since he was feeling better, but when he wasn’t feeling well again, she filled his prescription.
  • Number Two Cuz accidentally told her son to swallow the medicine instead of letting it dissolve under his tongue like the instructions demanded.
  • Pretty much everyone in the house caught Little Luis’ virus.
  • Tello talks about the last prescription he remembers getting had to be taken with food. If not, it could’ve burned a hole in his stomach.
  • Tello has a hard time pronouncing Spanish words correctly. And Lourdes teases him for sounding unnatural.
  • Mexicans had some very big wins at this year’s Oscars.
  • While Tello searches for Guillermo Del Toro’s Oscar speech, Lourdes talks about needing a pedicure.
  • Tello reads Guillermo Del Toro’s Oscar speech that he thought was very touching, and how he is inspired by other Hispanic artists.
  • Lourdes has a problem pronouncing “Jiu Jitsu”
  • Tello has lost 43 lbs on his Keto Diet since the beginning of 2018.
  • Lourdes talks about how much weight the virus in their house has caused them to lose.
  • Tello talked about how much weight he lost when he used to deliver mail, and what a mostly liquid diet did to his digestive system.
  • Tello talks about an incident when he thought he just had to fart, but it may have been a little something extra since he was drinking so much water.
  • Lourdes talks about inexplicably finding racing stripes in her underwear.
  • Number Three Cousin, Lupe, stopped by to visit for a moment, and so did her daughter.
  • Lupe talks about broken homes and the hole in her father’s car.
  • Tello thinks if you get racing stripes in your underwear, it’s because you’re not wiping correctly, but Lourdes disagrees.
  • Tello reminds Number Two Cuz of the time she accidentally peed around her underwear.
  • Number Two Cuz tells the story of a friend’s baby who took a turd out of its diaper. This reminds Tello of the time he saw Phoebe’s son pick up a turd out of his little potty.
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