N2P 037: Piloncillo Pudding, Late Brunches, and Comfy Shoes

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  • Tello and Lourdes had to postpone their original recording plans because there was a house full of relatives.
  • Lourdes had five nieces and nephews staying over the night that Tello and she wanted to record. One of the kids was a crying six month old.
  • Number Two Cuz tried to use the crying baby as an example to her daughters as to what to expect from motherhood.
  • Tello cancels the parent trivia contest because he felt that the audio was too boring.
  • Tello did get some audio of their respective mothers giving them warm wishes for the one year Podcast-iversary.
  • Tello teases that Lourdes’ mom hasn’t been listening to the show while his mother has listened to every episode.
  • Lourdes still gets nervous around their parents, but Tello thinks they are old enough to not be so threatening.
  • Tello wonders if Number Two Cuz feels like an adult, or if she is just an older version of the child she used to be.
  • Tello usually only feels like an adult when he has to stop a child from doing something that might hurt them. When Tello visits his high school friends, he feels like a teenager again picking up from where they left off – even though they already have children.
  • Lourdes feels young, but if she ever feels like she’s dressing too young with her daughters, she’ll change so people know that she’s the parent.
  • Tello plays a clip of the conversation that he and Lourdes were able to record before calling it quits because of the crying baby.
  • Tello reads the Wikipedia definition for panocha, which is a type of pudding.
  • Lourdes is convinced that the “Vulva” is the name of a car company…until she looks up the definition.
  • Number Two Cuz has some difficulty pronouncing some of the words in the definition, but Tello assures her that her mispronunciation is part of the charm of the show.
  • Lourdes doesn’t know the meaning of Labia Majora either.
  • Number Two Cuz is concerned about her small vocabulary.
  • Tello tries to trip up Lourdes by using the word “pragmatic.”
  • Lourdes has trouble seeing her computer without her contact lenses, and Tello needs his glasses to see his phone.
  • Lourdes got nervous going to the dentist, and the dentist had to remove a “beaver” tooth from her mouth.
  • Lourdes was having difficulty swallowing after the dentist numbed her mouth.
  • Tello is unhappy with his underbite, but the price of getting it fixed is between $67K and $97K total.
  • Tello had brunch with Fave Cuz Phoebe at 12:30 PM.
  • Tello arrived late, but got his food before Phoebe. Tello couldn’t help but rub that fact in her face.
  • The restaurant took so long to bring Phoebe’s food that she angrily decided to take the food to go instead of eating with everyone else.
  • Phoebe had a $200 date night to see a clown comedian she didn’t enjoy.
  • Tello tried to convince Fave Cuz Phoebe to pay $60 to paint a portrait of her friend’s dog.
  • Lourdes doesn’t like raw onions, and her waiter tries to convince her that she’ll barely be able to taste them in the guacamole.
  • One of Lourdes’ coworkers tries to convince her that she won’t be able to taste the onions in a chicken salad sandwich. Lourdes at the sandwich, but couldn’t taste the onions.
  • Tello has friends who don’t like cilantro because it tastes like soap to them.
  • Lourdes found a great, comfortable pair of sneakers, but in trying to buy a backup pair, she found the prices to be way too expensive.
  • Lourdes asks for listeners to donate Fit Flop shoes to her so she doesn’t have to pay so much (women’s size 6).
  • Tello thinks Number Two Cuz’s feet look like little bricks, and because of her weird shaped feet, she has developed bunions.

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