N2P 038: Poopy Mittens and Using Your Talents

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  • Tello pulls the curtain back a bit and reveals that this show was the second show recorded that day so that they can be prepared for Easter weekend.
  • Tello talks about the dysfunctional messages that he and Number Two Cuz send to each other, including notifying each other of pooping.
  • Lourdes is frustrated with having only one working restroom in their house with 5 people in it.
  • Tello accidentally discovered a product on Amazon called “Shittens” which are disposable mitten shaped moist wipes.
  • Tello reads some funny questions and answers for that people asked about the disposable wipes.
  • Lourdes wonders why some people don’t have trash cans in their restrooms. Tello thinks they have trash cans in their restrooms because they grew up poor with bad plumbing.
  • Tello reveals where the name of the podcast came from.
  • Lourdes feels bad sometimes for not being the Fave Cuz.
  • Tello reveals that Lourdes’ sister Lupe feels like she’s lost Lourdes to the Num Two Pod.
  • Lourdes is kind of like a therapist to Lupe and Tello.
  • Tello and Number Two Cuz used to talk on the phone almost every day.
  • Lourdes and Tello might be best friends, but that’s not necessarily a good thing.
  • Tello remembers a life changing conversation he had with Lourdes when he was debating whether or not to move back to Texas to use his talents to pursue his goals.
  • Tello wondered if not using your talent is a sin.
  • Tello moved back to Texas because he was unhappy with his previous job, and where his professional and personal life was heading.
  • Lourdes might have good life advice, but she doesn’t have great decorating advice.
  • Number Two’s mom was not happy with the decorating advice that Lourdes gaver her sister Lupe.
  • Lourdes isn’t good for financial advice either.
  • Tello received a sort of confirmation when he saw a tweet from the Pope that read, “We all possess God-given talents. No one can claim to be so poor that they have nothing to offer others.”
  • Tello remembers a time when he was living with his Fave Cuz Phoebe, and her dog set a used hygiene product on Tello’s stomach.
  • Tello isn’t 100% happy with his living situation, but he’s happier now than he was in his previous career.
  • Lourdes interprets a poem correctly, but she thinks her teacher accused her of looking up the meaning of the poem.
  • Number Two Cuz remembers writing poems when she was younger, and she decorated her walls with the poems.
  • Tello remembers when Fave Cuz Phoebe submitted entries to a writing contest under all her and her sisters’ names. She won, but under her sister’s name.
  • Lourdes’ son did a terrible job recording a video of Number Two Cuz giving a speech for a homework assignment.
  • Tello wishes he could do the video work for Number Two Cuz’s speech assignments because he would make it higher in production value.
  • Tello has great ideas for filming Lourdes’ speeches for class.
  • Lourdes thinks that being a good listener and helping people is her talent that she can offer to others.
  • Number Two Cuz has a “great idea” right when the closing music begins.

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