N2P 039: Easter and Other Family Gatherings

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  • Lourdes and Tello are together in Number Two Cuz’s studio recording the day after Easter.
  • Before Easter, the family had a birthday party for Lourdes’ niece. Things got a little awkward when Lourdes’ father showed up to the party.
  • Tello pauses the story to keep from rushing into the main stories of the show.
  • Lourdes and Tello realize the episode number is the same as their age.
  • Tello recalls a story that Number Two Cuz told about having stretch marks that she’s not happy with, but that she would still rather have plastic surgery on her butt.
  • Tello saw underwear similar to Lourdes’ shapeshifting underwear, and he was really uncomfortable about the whole situation.
  • Number Two Cuz feels better about herself with the shapeshifting underwear.
  • Lourdes talks about how awkward things got at the birthday party when her father showed up. Tello almost didn’t recognize him because Lourdes’ father is so old and short now.
  • Tello wanted to interview Number Two Cuz’s dad for the podcast, but Lourdes wouldn’t let him. Tello wants to confront her father about an incident that happened when he was a child. Someone smeared cake frosting all over Tello’s glasses, and Tello believe Lourdes’ father had something to do with it.
  • Tello wants to challenge Lourdes’ father to a fight. Since he’s diabetic, Tello’s plan is to throw a cake in his face and cut his toe.
  • Lourdes admits that her father doesn’t take good care of himself or his medical conditions.
  • Lourdes thinks that her father might actually apologize if he was in fact guilty of frosting Tello’s glasses.
  • Tello recalls playing a trick on Luis (Lourdes’ husband) where he filled a shot glass with apple cider vinegar. That night Tello got so drunk he passed out and woke up in his underwear.
  • Fave Cuz and Number Two Cuz’s father don’t get along, but their kids had a great time playing with each other in the swimming pool.
  • Tello cheated on his diet because he couldn’t resist the Italian food at the party. Tello wasn’t expecting there to be Keto friendly food at the party, but there was.
  • The family had a bootleg looking Mickey Mouse piñata at the party.
  • The piñata fell a few times, and the kids really beat him up – even when he had fallen down to the ground.
  • Mickey’s crotch was torn up from the short kids hitting upward at him.
  • Tello didn’t like the piñata stick because it was dirty and looked like it was full of splinters.
  • Tello was tempted by piñata candy when he saw his favorite on the ground.
  • Lourdes celebrated a house warming with people whose trailer was damaged in Hurricane Harvey.
  • Tello thinks the people should move out of a trailer for their own good.
  • Tello wonders if Lourdes had a religious experience on Easter Sunday.
  • Lourdes’ experience gave her the strength to attend a family gathering for Easter.
  • Tello is sarcastic about Aunt Mary being prepared for the Easter party.
  • Fave Cuz Phoebe still gets an Easter basket from Tello’s mom.
  • Number Two Cuz remembers that Aunt Gloria used to make a Christmas stocking for Fave Cuz Phoebe, but Lourdes remember Phoebe leaving the stockings behind.
  • Fave Cuz Phoebe claims that Tello’s mom has willed that Tello will have to take over making her Easter Basket when Tello’s mom passes away.
  • Number Two Cuz saw photos of Phoebe with another Easter basket from home.
  • Lourdes received a critique from her sis-in-law Angie that she falls asleep while listening to the podcast.
  • Number Two Cuz accused her sister Phoebe of not bringing any food to the Easter party.
  • Tello got ordered around by his aunt Mary, and he didn’t appreciate it much.
  • Tello saved the day by setting up some of the tables and an unnecessary tent that Marva brought to the party.
  • Lourdes’ sister Andrea didn’t appreciate the first choice of music that the kids were playing at the party.
  • Number Two Cuz keeps looking through the door behind Tello, and he thinks she is looking at a ghost.
  • Lourdes can’t pronounce “paranormal.”
  • Tello got winded trying to follow the kids around the yard during the Easter egg hunt.
  • Tello enjoys being around the kids in his family, but he sometimes wonders if he should’ve had kids of his own.
  • Number Two Cuz doesn’t like being judged by Tello for letting her kids miss school from time to time.
  • Tello thinks Lourdes missed out on a right of passage for not having gone to her prom.
  • Lourdes enjoyed Number Two Podcast Family Cake Walk.
  • Tello thinks the Number Two Podcast Family Cake Walk can sometimes bring out the worst in people.
  • The kids enjoyed the prizes from the Easter Egg hunt and the cake walk.
  • Overall, everyone got to enjoy the family Easter celebration.

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