N2P 041: Tello Returns!

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  • Tello is back, and he’s been without Internet for more than a month.
  • Tello complains that he is being overlit by the window light at his new place.
  • Number Two Cuz teases Tello for not paying his Internet bill, but Tello explains the real situation.
  • Tello doesn’t like having roommates at the age of 40.
  • Lourdes tries to compare her family to having roommates.
  • Number Two Cuz thinks Tello should have done the podcast from the public library.
  • Tello thinks he is part horder because of his “upside down WOW.”
  • Lourdes thinks her “WOW” hordes stuff too. It started with big garbage bags, and now it’s crates full of stuff.
  • Tello doesn’t think you should argue with someone’s feelings.
  • Lourdes thinks it’s ok for a man to cry, but Tello explains the reasons why most men are afraid to be that vulnerable.
  • Tello has more trouble crying at real life sadness than he does at sad movies.
  • Lourdes cried when her younger daughter went to prom because that is her last daughter, and she had trouble managing her feelings.
  • Number Two Cuz talks about the difference between other families’ prom photos compared to her family prom photos.
  • Tello didn’t like the advice his cousin’s gave last show about not necessarily finishing high school.
  • Tello also thinks parents should respect their children’s privacy.
  • Number Two Cuz has tried to respect her kids’ privacy, unless she thought they might be in danger. She noticed that her son didn’t like her using his phone.
  • Number Two Cuz thinks younger children should be monitored more with their use of technology.
  • Tello thinks his cousins did a great job with the last show.

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