N2P 042: Married Strangers

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  • Number Two Cuz starts the show off by reminding people not to fact check her because she accidentally gave out some wrong information on episode 40.
  • A noise distracts Lourdes during her announcement.
  • Tello ponders if the noise would have made a sound if no one was around.
  • Lourdes realizes her marriage is almost old enough to drink alcohol.
  • Number Two Cuz doesn’t think she knows her husband.
  • Lourdes’ husband Luis doesn’t like all the time she spends with her laptop.
  • Lourdes feels like her husband sometimes acts like her fourth child.
  • Number Two Cuz feels like she has become a “Mother with Benefits” to her husband.
  • Tello diagnosis Luis with an Oedipus Complex, but admits that he’s not qualified make that diagnosis.
  • Lourdes is afraid that her husband might lie to her about things.
  • Number Two Cuz tells a terrible story about a coworker who has a small container of cement to heal her toothache. Tello hated the story.
  • Number Two Cuz causes some technical difficulties.
  • Lourdes is supposed to be babysitting her great nephew, but instead she has her daughter babysitting him instead.
  • Tello tries to teach Lourdes to say, “No.”
  • Tello complains that his eyesight has gotten worse since he recently turned 40.
  • Tello doesn’t want to get bifocals because it makes him feel old.
  • Number Two Cuz suggests that Tello get lasik surgery.
  • Tello is feeling better since he’s lost some weight.
  • Lourdes still thinks Tello’s mom is a pothead.
  • Luis accidentally interrupts the show.
  • Lourdes is still fantasizing about getting cosmetic surgery, but she doesn’t want to spend $25,000.
  • Number Two Cuz found out the difference between a cosmetic surgeon and a plastic surgeon, but she’s not sure which was which.
  • Lourdes found a Brazilian buttlift advertisement from Nicaragua.
  • Number Two Cuz can’t pronounce Nicaragua.
  • Tello enjoyed the first two episodes of Cobra Kai – the long awaited sequel to The Karate Kid.
  • A baby interrupts Tello’s story with heavy breathing.
  • Tello continues his recap of the first two episodes of Cobra Kai, and he highly recommends the show.
  • During his time with no Internet, Tello saw Ready Player One.
  • Lourdes confuses Steven Spielberg with Stephen King.
  • Tello enjoyed the movie, but it fell a little short for his expectations.
  • Tello wants to honor Steven Spielberg because he is one of his favorite filmmakers.
  • Tello goes off on a rant about what a great actor Leonardo DiCaprio has become since he’s been working with legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese.
  • Watching The Wolf of Wall Street was an uncomfortable experience for Tello when he saw it with his mom and niece.

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