N2P 043: Mother’s Day Mishaps

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  • The Campfyrepod affiliate promo was interrupted by a Littlefoot sighting.
  • Number Two Cuz starts the show off with technical difficulties.
  • Tello has a disclaimer that there might be noise from his side of the podcast today.
  • Number Two Cuz still can’t say no to babysitting.
  • Tello is concerned about his thinning hair.
  • Lourdes laments having random hair growing on her face.
  • Tello busts out in an impromptu rendition of the Cheers theme song.
  • Number Two Cuz has more technical difficulties, and Tello plays a little prank.
  • Lourdes talks about the podcast that Tello recorded with his Mom on Mother’s Day.
  • Tello interrupts Lourdes several times while she tries to explain what Tello recorded.
  • Tello didn’t appreciate Marva forcing her way onto the podcast – especially with such short notice.
  • Lourdes overslept on Mother’s Day and missed church.
  • Number Two Cuz’s plans didn’t quite work out on Mother’s Day.
  • Lourdes’ children gave her a memory book for Mother’s day.
  • Tello admires the artistic talent of Number Two Cuz.
  • Tello got to spend time with his mother over Mother’s Day weekend.
  • Tello’s taste buds seem to have changed since he’s started his Keto Diet.
  • Lourdes and Tello play the audio from the podcast Tello recorded with his mom.
  • The show is interrupted a few times by some loud drain pipes.
  • Mama Tello once worked at a hotel, and she found herself in a precarious situation.
  • Tello wonders how his mother got the reputation for being a world-class weed smoker.
  • Mama Tello thinks that Lourdes and her sisters should be more understanding with their “Deer Mother.”
  • Martha can’t have an adult conversation with her mother because her mom is too close-minded.
  • Tello saved the family from a potential sausage fire.
  • Mama Tello spent months without a bed when she was raising Tello and his brother.
  • Tello recalls the time he had to re-arrange his mother’s bedroom three times before settling on the look she liked.
  • Tello grew up in a creeky old house.
  • Mama Tello thought someone was in her house, but it turned out to be something much different.
  • Tello’s old house was hit by a truck once.
  • Martha grew up as a wild child, and thanks Mama Tello for being a mother to her and giving her the discipline she really needed.

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