N2P 045: Darkness From The Theater

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  • Number Two cuz makes Tello self-conscious about his thinning hair.
  • Lourdes and her family took a trip to Mexico, but had some difficulty on the way there.
  • Luis bought a newer family vehicle, and Lourdes had trouble starting it.
  • Tello reminisces about his previous vehicles.
  • Tello received an invitation to Pila’s graduation, and he remembers when she was just a baby with a lot of curly hair.
  • Lourdes was too lazy to deliver an invitation to “La Marta”, so instead she sent it to Tello’s niece (La Marta’s daughter) who lives in a different city.
  • Lourdes plays the alphabet game with her family on their road trip, and she finds her letter on something that’s not so family friendly.
  • Tello saw Solo: A Star Wars Story. Tello loved Chewbacca and Lando the best.
  • Tello also got to see a theatrical exhibition of the Martin Scorsese classic Taxi Driver.
  • Tello gives a recap of the film and talks about how he felt after seeing it for the first time on a big screen.
  • Lourdes and Tello wonder if a film like Taxi Driver could be made today.
  • Tello invites Robert DeNiro to be on Number Two Podcast.

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