N2P 046: Return of the Mother-in-Law and Father’s Day Plans

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  • Tello apologizes for not having a show last week, but with his and Lourdes’ schedules, Number Two Podcast will probably be released inconsistently.
  • Tello gets upset when Lourdes drinks her coffee during the show.
  • Lourdes talks about a class where she learned to “Listen with Empathy.”
  • Tello hates that he doesn’t read more, but he doesn’t try because he has the Internet.
  • Tello used to read more when he didn’t have cable or streaming video.
  • Lourdes was a big fan of the 50 Shades of Gray series.
  • Number Two Cuz wasn’t really a bad kid because she didn’t have many strict rules.
  • Tello stole his mom’s car a couple of times to drive two blocks down the street to his friend’s house.
  • Lourdes was less fearful as a younger person, or maybe she was just a dumb kid.
  • Number Two Cuz has a bathroom that is about 90% done, but has no door. Guess which family member is using it?
  • Lourdes’ mother-in-law mocks her when Lourdes chops food really loudly.
  • Number Two Cuz slams the door when she gets really mad.
  • Lourdes’ mother-in-law has full conversations in her sleep.
  • Lourdes can’t remember ever spending a Father’s day with her dad.
  • Lourdes doesn’t think her father knows how to discipline his children.
  • Tello remembers when the show used to make them laugh, and now it’s become a place for them to talk about painful childhood memories. Lourdes doesn’t think the memories are painful.
  • Number Two Cuz was emotional at her daughters somewhat disastrous graduation.
  • Big Luis’ phone told him that it wasn’t going to rain, but big drops of rain started falling. Lourdes and Tello’s niece got soaked.
  • By the end of the night, most everything calmed down and the graduates had a good time.
  • Lourdes’ son could graduate a year early, but Tello thinks he should graduate on time so he can mentally and emotionally mature.
  • The graduation prevented Tello and Lourdes from recording a podcast last week. Tello thought of doing one alone, but he was too scared and lazy to do it.
  • There was a “La Marta” sighting at the graduation party despite her invitation being sent to a completely different city.
  • Lourdes derails the show by asking what the pointy fang like teeth are called.
  • Tello and Lourdes talk about how country they sometimes sound, and then they talk about how their parents butcher the language.
  • Lourdes and Tello talk about the regional words that confused them when they were growing up. Words like pop, ice box, and light bill.
  • Tello remembers how giant eighth graders looked when he was in kindergarten.
  • Lourdes is short, and she doesn’t like men who are shorter than she is.
  • Lourdes thinks Tello should only date women who are shorter than he is.
  • Tello wants to date 6 foot women just to spite Number Two Cuz.
  • Number Two Cuz gets distracted by her broken finger nail.
  • Tello wants people to support the show by buying a shirt, but he admits that the design is really ugly.

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