N2P 047: Embarrassing Moments and Fun Nostalgia

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  • Lourdes ruins the show at the start by texting right during the campfyrepod.com/merch promo. Then she talks over the intro, and Tello talks over and comments on the intro as well.
  • Tello isn’t sure if he got a compliment or not when a friend told him he had a “chest register” voice.
  • Number Two Cuz tries to read the definition of “chest register,” but has some difficulty pronouncing some of the words.
  • Tello tries out his “Talk Show Host” voice.
  • Tello noticed throughout the day that his voice does seem to come from his chest. When he was singing in the car, he noticed that he did fill strain in his chest when he was done.
  • Tello tries singing from his stomach, but his stomach register was full.
  • Tello joined a weight loss competition, and he’s been cheating on his diet ever since.
  • Number Two Cuz gets scolded for not paying attention during the show.
  • Tello’s phone is too old to run a pedometer app.
  • There was suspicious activity on Tello’s debit card, and he had to verify some embarrassing purchases.
  • Lourdes had to replace a debit card, and she had problems updating Netflix payments.
  • Tello recommended the new season of “Queer Eye” to Number Two Cuz because he was surprised by how much he enjoyed the show.
  • Tello’s credit card gets declined at a gas station because the bank didn’t update his address correctly, and Tello has to shamefully ask his friend for gas money.
  • The credit card company has trouble validating Tello’s identity, and he has to jump through hoops to verify his identity.
  • Tello remembers that his voice comes from his chest because everything he says is from the heart.
  • Lourdes ruins a joke Tello is trying to set up, so he sets it up again.
  • Tello has a rule about not giving gifts anymore to extended family. Plus Tello doesn’t like to receive gifts because he’ll feel bad when he has to throw it away.
  • Lourdes and Tello re-enact Tello’s experience ordering a keto friendly meal from Whataburger.
  • Number Two Cuz talks about reading the first two pages of the Whole 30 diet.
  • Lourdes explains that eating can be very emotional.
  • Tello talks about sitting in his car eating a Triple Whataburger and fries while listening to a podcast of Kevin Smith and Penn Jillette talking about how losing weight is helping save their lives.
  • A friend of Tello’s took him to see The Goonies at a local theater as a belated birthday present. Tello was impressed with the free gifts the theater offered for Goonies lovers.
  • Tello loved seeing the movie again, but pointed out that there were a couple of cheesy kid moments. He forgives that because it was a kids’ movie, and it still fun and still makes Tello feel like a kid.
  • Lourdes doesn’t have as strong a sense of nostalgia like Tello does.
  • Tello and Lourdes start making fun of the way their family pronounces certain words.
  • Tello fantasizes what it would be like to be Steven Spielberg’s son, and Tello draws some parallels between their personal lives.
  • Tello is amazed at the friendships Spielberg had with other talented filmmakers in their youth, and how they were drawn to one another.
  • Tello wants new friends who will inspire him like Steven Spielberg’s group of friends inspired each other.

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