N2P 048: Dirty Towels and Sort of Internet Fame

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  • Number Two Cuz is concerned about hair growing in all the wrong places.
  • Lourdes has problems pronouncing “ethnicity.”
  • Tello has his own problems, and he’s afraid he’ll become Mr. Mumbles at some point in the show.
  • Tello hung some burlap in his window, but it’s still too bright on him. Lourdes thinks he looks like an angel with all the light on him.
  • Number Two Cuz was late to recording the show because she got the call of doody.
  • Lourdes’ bathroom is about 98% complete, and it has a door now.
  • Lourdes still has to worry about her Mother-in-Law not closing the bathroom door when she poops.
  • Number Two Cuz wanted her Mother-in-Law to feel comfortable enough to shower in Lourdes’ personal shower while she was home because she’s afraid her Mother-in-Law wasn’t showering at all.
  • Lourdes’ Mother-in-Law used Number Two Cuz’s towel to dry off when she was done.
  • Number Two Cuz found out that Mother-in-Law was using her scrunchie to scrub with in the shower too.
  • Lourdes finds it very difficult dealing with her Mother-in-Law living in her house.
  • Number Two Cuz isn’t good at taking selfies.
  • Lourdes was wearing her Number Two Podcast shirt in public when someone asked her about the podcast. (Shout out to Caleb!)
  • Lourdes may not be able to handle any amount of Internet fame.
  • Caleb thought Number Two Podcast was number two in the nation, but Tello doesn’t think it’s even number two on his list of favorite podcasts.
  • Tello thinks A Little Mas and From the Bronx with Love are way better podcasts than Number Two Podcast.
  • Number Two Podcast got a shoutout from @podcastsincolor on twitter.
  • Lourdes was excited when her husband Luis wore his Number Two Podcast shirt for the first time.
  • Tello got a call from his mom because he didn’t call and wish her a happy father’s day.
  • Lourdes doesn’t think their grandfather and uncle or Tello’s brother should count as father figures to Tello.
  • Lourdes tells us that her husband had an emotional experience because he felt that he needed a father when he was growing up.
  • Tello thinks he’s afraid of deep committed relationships because it might lead to him being a father, and he doesn’t know how to be a father.

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