N2P 049: Fond Memories and Pet Peeves

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  • Tello announces that this is episode 49, so the next one is the big five-oh!
  • Lourdes would like to do a fireworks show for episode 50.
  • Tello reminds Lourdes that they should have hit episode 50 in their first year, but they actually took 16 weeks off from the show.
  • Lourdes thinks the time off from the show should be covered by FMLA.
  • Tello hates when Number Two Cuz messes with her microphone during the show.
  • Lourdes is podcasting from her daughters bedroom, and Tello notices some funny things in the background.
  • Tello is annoyed that Number Two Cuz is steering the show off their agreed topics.
  • Lourdes and Luis went to see Sicario 2, and Lourdes liked that the movie theater sells alcohol now.
  • Lourdes complains about the amount of trailers before a movie, but Tello thinks that is part of the theatrical experience.
  • Number Two Cuz liked the movie, but she’s afraid to recommend anyone to see it.
  • Lourdes thinks her daughter Isabel could be a movie reviewer for the show because she sees so many movies.
  • Number Two Cuz hates her time of the month, and this time it’s coinciding with her Mother-in-law’s visit.
  • Lourdes’ husband Luis wore his Number Two Podcast shirt again, and Lourdes finally feels accepted.
  • Luis won a lot of money playing scratch off lottery tickets, and Lourdes thinks it’s because he was wearing his lucky Number Two Podcast shirt.
  • A week later, Luis won big again on some scratch offs (but he wasn’t wearing his lucky Number Two Podcast shirt).
  • Lourdes would like to use the money to help cover the costs of remodeling their house, and maybe build a small studio space for her podcasting.
  • Tello thinks she should build the studio in the bathroom since so much work has gone into it.
  • Lourdes and Tello improv what it would be like podcasting from the bathroom.
  • Lourdes wants people to buy a shirt because they might have a chance of winning at scratch offs, but Tello points out that the chances are probably the same as if they don’t buy a shirt.
  • Lourdes might want to study law in addition to psychology, and Tello wants to know how many lifetimes she’s going to live to accomplish all these goals.
  • Tello thinks Number Two Cuz should pay down some debt with their winnings.
  • Lourdes bought some shoes with her winnings, and Tello wanted to know what she bought her kids.

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