N2P 050: Future Dr. T and the Man

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  • Tello and Lourdes get super pumped about N2P 50th episode. Celebration and what nots, not happening
  • Tello thinks snowcones of horchata could be life changing
  • Tech talk with Mom Tello and the partial success of her iPad repair
  • Family history talk time with Tello’s mom. Tello asks his mom about the mood of conception of him and his brother.  
  • Mom Tello turns the show dark by trying to talk about the good deed La Marta did with an ex’s broken lawnmower.
  • Tello performs a brief snippet if Space Cowboy
  • Lourdes talks goals vs. fantasies and how quickly someone’s dreams or goals turn into fantasies by comparison.
  • Lourdes talks butt surgery…AGAIN. Basically her butt goal has turned into a fantasy that will never happen.
  • Tello uses reverse psychology on Lourdes and her mother-in-law stories. Lourdes thinks that her mother-in law is afraid of her.
  • Tello inquires on the lotto winnings and basically wants to know if Lourdes and her husband blew through the money or if they were responsible.
  • Lourdes admits she is bad with finances and Tello gives some good, sound financial advice.
  • Tello is in a signing mood and gives another snippet performance of Mmmbop, by Hanson.
  • Lourdes attempts to perform Chun Le by Nicki Minaj. Tello coaches her in a producer/director way.
  • Tello talks about his obsession with Goodbye Horses by Q Lazzarus and how he realized the song was “tarnished” because of the movie Silence of the Lambs. Tello also gives some background information on Q Lazzarus being in it to win it.
  • Lourdes drinks black coffee now and somehow ends up sharing her Tequila and Squirt mouth watering recipe.
  • Lourdes talks about a new podcast, BTR.org and how this podcast may help her pursue her goal of being a psychologist.  
  • Lourdes slips into Dr. T mode and Tello talks about how he can basically talk himself out of anything. Tello shares some of his personal concerns of being antisocial. Lourdes gives advice to Tello on ways that he may improve his social skills. Lourdes suggest Tello take her advice and experiment with women to overcome his fear.
  • Lourdes (not Dr. T) gives terrible advice to Tello on how to meet women. Tello expresses his concern about getting to know women of his age preference.
  • Tello apologizes for sharing his personal fears and invites women listeners to send in any requests for him through social media or email

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