N2P 052: Anatomy of Gummy Bears

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  • Tello jokes about the inconsistent release schedule of Number Two Podcast.
  • Number Two Cuz should get her Associates degree in another year, but it will take a few more years to complete her full degree plan.
  • Tello jokes about Lourdes starting a new career in her mid 40s.
  • Lourdes is taking Anatomy this semester, and she’s afraid she won’t pass the class because she didn’t know what a vulva was.
  • Number Two Cuz has to buy gummy bears to dissect for her anatomy class.
  • Coincidentally Tello found some funny Amazon reviews of gummy bears.
  • Lourdes will figure out how to show where the gummy bear anus is.
  • Number Two Cuz forgot to apply for financial aid for this semester of school.
  • Tello interrupts Lourdes’ financial aid story to read a funny Amazon review for the bag of gummy bears about someone getting the runs.
  • Lourdes has a lot of pressure from school and life. Tello pretends to be future Dr. T. to help Lourdes deal with her stress.
  • Tello offers some very sage advice to Lourdes to handle the stresses she’s dealing with.
  • For some reason this reminded Lourdes of a fire alarm at work. Some people ignored the alarm because they thought it was a drill, but this turned out to be a real fire. Those who followed protocol got soaking wet because it was raining outside.
  • Tello reads another funny Amazon review about gummy bears making people sick.
  • Tello reads some iTunes reviews, and one of them makes Lourdes’ heart melt.
  • Tello asks if anyone has any negative reviews of the show to post it on twitter or instagram so he can cuss them out.
  • Lourdes is a nice person for a short time out of the month because she suffers from issues two weeks before and two weeks after her monthly cycle – plus there’s the week of that is also a problem too. Tello concludes that there are 5 weeks out of the month where Number Two Cuz is not a nice person.
  • Tello isn’t happy with the lighting on him or Number Two Cuz. Lourdes criticizes Tello’s lights for being too bright.
  • Tello reviews the changes that Lourdes made to Tello’s dating profile, but Tello isn’t really happy with the updates.
  • Tello’s mom is turning 69 this year.
  • Lourdes’ mother-in-law just celebrated her 79th birthday, and Luis and his family surprised her with a big party. Lourdes bought some small gifts to give away as prizes, but no one played the party games. Lourdes decided to keep the prizes to herself.
  • Lourdes’ mother-in-law gave her a blessing that ended with her hand on Lourdes’ lips. Tello wonders if she washed her hands after she went to the bathroom. Lourdes was grossed out, but didn’t want to cause a scene.
  • Tello tries some reverse psychology to get people to buy Number Two Podcast shirts from www.campfyrepod.com/merch

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