N2P 053: Mom Turns 69

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  • Lourdes and Tello recap their interview with Tello’s mom.
  • Tello wanted to concentrate on more of the happy memories, but Tello’s mom keeps it real and tells some of the darker stories from her past.
  • Tello was surprised by some information that came from a question his brother asked after the recording was done.
  • Tello was pleased that his big Mexican family enjoyed his sister-in-law’s pho at his mom’s birthday party.
  • Tello was kind of surprised by the colorful language his mother used.
  • Lourdes and Tello interview Aunt Becky (Tello’s mom).
  • Tello’s mom gives short answers at first, but Tello and Lourdes are able to get more and surprising stories out of her.
  • Tello finds out how his mom met his brother’s father and his father, and what their relationships were like.
  • Tello is surprised that his grandfather had a good relationship with Tello’s father.
  • Tello gets frustrated with his mother’s short answers, and tries to pull full stories out of her instead of boring short answers.
  • Aunt Becky tells some dark stories of the times her ex-husbands tried to shoot her.
  • Tello is shocked that his mom wouldn’t take any responsibility for the fight that her husband started at her sister’s wedding.

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